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BE13 - Q&A with Leland Gamson, Children's Book Author
BE13 - Q&A with Leland Gamson, Children's Book Author
A podcast about the books, chapters, and pages of our lives. Plus, indie author interviews and insider news.
Show notes
In this episode, we cover: (00:00): Intro (00:23): The Inspiring Storytelling Journey of Leland P. Gamson (01:15): Unleashing the Power of Storytelling: Sharing Tales that Inspire (01:19): "The Joys of Writing and the Love for Reading" (01:27): Exploring the World of Children's Literature and Faith (01:39): Unleashing Creativity: Exploring Different Genre Preferences (01:41): "Nurturing Young Minds: Wholesome and Biblical Children's Stories" (01:59): Title: "Author's Corner: Exploring an Author's Impressive Collection of Books" (02:01): "The Growing List of Achievements: 16 and Counting" (02:03): Title: "Discover the Author's Latest Book!" (02:06): "The Courageous Keeper: Toby's Risky Rescue" (02:24): The Author's Message: Empowering Readers with Life Lessons (02:32): "Exploring the Range of Children's Books: From Rhymes and Activities to Christian Growth" (02:42): Title: Mastering the Art of Overcoming Writer's Block (02:44): "The Art of Rewriting: Mastering the Power of Formatting" (02:46): Title: "Exploring Inspiring Words: Unveiling the Favorite Quotes of Our Podcast Hosts" (02:49): "Divine Renewal: Embracing God's Promise of Making Everything New" (02:58): Title: "Upcoming Projects and Plans: A Glimpse into the Future" (02:59): "Creative Endeavors: Crafting Children's Books and Activities for Fairmount Wesleyan Camp" (03:14): "Around the World in Pages: The Ultimate Book Signing Destination" (03:18): The History and Significance of Jerusalem: A Podcast Segment (03:19): "Adventures in Book Promotion: Unveiling the Most Exciting and Unusual Locations!" (03:22): Unveiling the Vibrant World of Authors: Prescot, Arizona Author's Fair (03:24): "Publishing Insider Secrets: One Crucial Lesson Authors Should Learn Before Releasing Their Books" (03:28): "The Importance of Time and Dedication in Marketing Success" (03:31): "Unleashing Your Inner Author: Essential Advice for Aspiring Writers" (03:33): "Unleashing the Power of Inspiring Literature: Fueling Your Mind with Good Reads" (03:35): Title: The Joys of Being an Author: A Personal Perspective (03:38): Preserving Legacies: The Timeless Power of Books (03:41): "The Key to Selling More Books: Successful Strategies From Top Authors" (03:44): Maximizing Your Book's Exposure: Promotions on KDP and Radio Interviews (03:46): Title: "Discovering Our Digital Footprint: Tracing Your Online Presence" (03:48): Expanding the Reach: Sharing Books through Online Platforms (03:54): "Exploring the World of Wholesome and Faith-Based Children's Books: A Conversation with Leland Gamson" (04:10): "Calling All Poets: Join the PSI 45th Annual Poetry Contest and Showcase Your Brilliance!" (04:42): "Upcoming Writer Events, Book Launches, and More!" (06:41): Outro
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